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Oh, the things that I love <3 Graphic Designer, Cinephile with all my heart. FanGirl, Hiddlestoner. Cumberbabe xD. SPN SuperFan (Dean&Cass bromance!) MusicLover, Geek&Proud!! ;)

Happy 32, Mr. Flowers!!! ^O^

I loooove this band so much!! The KIllers!!! One of my favorite bands ever!! *3* I’m so excited to see them live (for the second time) in Mexico City this Saturday!! *O*

The Killers + Tim Burton

'Here With Me'

I loveeeee them both so muuuuuuuuuuch! :3

Ooooooooh Brandon!!!!! *~* 

The Killers. Runaways

new song, new video!! I missed them so muuuuch!! new album! can’t wait!!! ^^

The Killers. Runaways ^^

New Single… can’t wait for the new album!!!! :’D

The Killers. All These Things That I’ve Done. 

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Song: Smile Like You Mean It
Artist: The Killers
Album: Hot Fuxx
Played: 4,861 times.


Smile Like You Mean It The Killers

Dreams aren’t what they used to be, some things sat by so carelessly.

My musical love. Brandon Flowers. The Killers. One of my favorite bands.