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Oh, the things that I love <3 Graphic Designer, Cinephile with all my heart. FanGirl, Hiddlestoner. Cumberbabe xD. SPN SuperFan (Dean&Cass bromance!) MusicLover, Geek&Proud!! ;)

my boys!!! ^^

My new June Wallpaper for my computer xD

My new June Wallpaper for my computer xD

ooooh Alex….  *O*

OMG! I hope this season’ll be great!! :D I have a good feeling! ^^

Alex skarsgard… a life that ruined mine! xD 

I don’t care if is too much. I just love him! xD Alex Skarsgard x4! xDDD

Alex Skarsgard. you’re always more than welcome in my dashboard!! ;)

you are just not possible!!! -________-  Why are you so damn handsome!! :D

Can’t… please… too much! 

I will die…. my poor ovaries…

Why do u do that!!!!!!!! :O